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GSM-AUTO High Amperage Remote Control Device - 2 x Relays - AC (100-240V) Powered

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2 x 30 amp relays. Requires AC power to operate.

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This is a wireless GSM remote control switch that connects to 2G GSM cell phone networks that exist in almost every country on earth.

This device does not come with a SIM card. Please contact your local cell provider and purchase a standard 2G/3G SIM card, and activate it on a pay as you go plan.

The device has two independent relay switches. The first relay switch is activated by calling the SIM cards cell phone number. The device will then reject the call without answering and trigger the first relay. There are no call costs incurred when dialing the unit; it will recognize an authorized telephone number calling it and reject the call without answering. The first relay has two modes, momentary and latching mode. When receiving a phone call in momentary mode, the first relay will turn on for a pre-programmed amount of time. This time period can be programmed by the user and can be anywhere from half a second to many days. When receiving a phone call in latching mode, the device will simply change state. If they rela was on before, it will be turned off. If it was off before, it will be turned on.

Alternately, both individual relays can be activated by sending SMS text messages to the unit’s phone number. Similarly, the unit is programmed by sending specific SMS text commands.

Both of this devices two independent relays have normally open and normally closed contacts. These can be programmed to switch on for between 1 second and 18 hours. In addition, a delay time between relay 1 and 2 switching can be set so that the second relay is activated a set amount of time after the first relay is activated. Programming is achieved by sending text messages to the GSM-AUTO. Once programmed you simply call the unit to activate the relay operations already programmed.

The programmed operation can be temporarily overridden and the relays switched on for up to 18 hours by sending the unit a text message command. A confirmation text will be returned when the relay(s) is switched on and another when it is switched off.

The relays can be permanently switched on or off by sending the GSM-AUTO a text message, again a confirmation text will be returned.

An on board clock and 24 hour timer with 8 time segments for each relay enables the relays to be switched on and off for a set time, for example relay1 switches on at 0600 (6am) and off at 1900 (7pm), once set the timer function repeats every day until reset. The caller ID and override functions are disabled when the 24 hour timer is active.

The device also has the ability to learn the phone numbers that call the device. To quickly and simply add a new phone number to the white list of safe numbers, simply press the learning button and call the device. It will learn the phone number used to call the device and will indicate to the user that the number has been learned via LED's on the board.


  • Real-time & interactive control
  • Working voltage is 100-240V AC @ 500 mA
  • Quad Band (Supports 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz).
  • 2 relays - 4000 Watts @ 220V (18 Amps). 4000 Watts @ 120V (30 amps) 50-60 Hz relay contacts
  • Operating temperature: -25 °C to +55 °C, -12 °F to 131 °F
  • Opearting current: Maximum 450mA,Typical 60mA
  • Dimensions: 130*100*50mm
  • Relays operates almost every appliance
  • Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts
  • Optional password protection to prevent unauthorized access to the device.
  • Two operating modes (momentary and latching relays)
  • Fine grained timer control (programmed by milliseconds, seconds, minutes)

Additional Information

Input Power Type AC
Input Power Voltage 100-240V
Number of Input Relays 0
Number of Output Relays 2

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  1. Good for cabin Review by edmound beades

    Controls my furnace at the cabin. Timer on it needs it's time set, but once set, the furnace can turn on at certain times, or when I call or text. Warm! (Posted on 4/18/13)

  2. Good Review by Ammar Al Nuaimi

    Fast communication, received it (to Dubai) within 3 days. Thanks (Posted on 2/1/13)

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