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GSM-TP Temperature & Humidity Monitor - 4 x Relays - DC Powered (12V)

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GSM Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Solution

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The GSM-TP is a complete standalone temperature and humidity monitoring solution. One of the most compact and best value for money GSM temperature and humidity monitoring solutions on the market, the GSM-TP Series is perfect for a wide range of applications where the user requires up-to-date temperature and humidity information or alerts. It can be placed anywhere with a GSM signal and will monitor and record the temperature from its sensor, attached via a cable, available in 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10m lengths. Please note that the regular sensors are not suitable for immersing in liquids.

The GSM-TP temperature and humidity monitoring unit can be configured both via a PC using a simple windows application, or by SMS text message commands to change the various settings; for example, to change maximum and minimum temperature and humidity limits, or request the current temperature. The GSM-TP Series will text back the current temperature and humidity data.

Alerts in the form of a phone cal or SMS message can be set up when the temperature or humidity level moves beyond a threshold set by the user. If GPRS is enabled, email logging of events can be setup as well. All 4 output relays can be independently controlled by the user via SMS, and the first relay can be controlled by phone call. All 4 relays can be triggered for a precise amount of time (milliseconds, seconds, minutes). Confirmation of the relay state change can be sent to an administrative list of users automatically.

Typical Applications:

  • Server Room Monitoring
  • Museums, Archives, Galleries
  • Laboratory and Quality Test Workshops
  • Factories
  • Hospital Room Monitoring
  • Air-Conditioned Rooms
  • Cold Storage Monitoring
  • Green House Monitoring
  • Building Management and Automation


  • Dimensions: 153 mm x 66 mm x 28 mm
  • Weight: 385g
  • Quad Band & GPRS (Supports 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz).
  • Robust aluminium construction.
  • Unlimited range wire free temperature monitoring using GSM module.
  • Relay outputs to control most automation systems (volt free).
  • Easy operation with 2 numbers in monitor and remote control.
  • Mains powered with DC 12V power adapter.
  • Temperature Range at : -40-120'c Temperature Detection Accuracy
  • Humidity Range at 0-100% RH

Additional Information

Input Power Type DC
Input Power Voltage 12
Number of Input Relays 2
Number of Output Relays 4

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